The Power of Persistence

Persistence is the prerequisite of all successful action. Persistence is power. Some people do have persistence and will stick to a goal until they have achieved it, no matter how many setbacks, temporary defeats and disappointments they encounter along the way. On the other hand, many people lack persistence, they don't stick at a goal long enough to achieve it. Why not?

Because they are overly affected by the inevitable setbacks, defeats and disappointments that they suffer along the way.

Think about it for a moment. Most worthwhile goals, are difficult to achieve:

·         It is not easy to create a profitable business.

·         It is not easy to become a professional athlete

·         It is not easy to become a doctor, engineer or lawyer.

·         It is not easy to lose a lot of weight.

The fact is, that most worthwhile goals are not only difficult to achieve, they also take time. It takes between five and ten years to become really good at anything. It takes years to become fluent in a language, or a musical instrument. It takes years to become an Olympic champion. So we can say that Goal achievement on a grand-scale is both difficult and time-consuming. But the vast majority of the population are more interested in things that are "Quick and easy". We buy Quick and easy meals, we want Quick and easy language courses, Quick and easy ways to lose weight. "Quick and easy" is a great marketing phrase, but it is not really an accurate description of the way the world works. "Difficult and time consuming" is a terrible marketing phrase: (Can you imagine a book entitled: "The difficult and time consuming way to get fit"). It is not a great marketing phrase, but it is a more accurate description of how the world works.

Worthy goals are difficult and time consuming

·         Peace negotiations between warring factions are difficult and time consuming.

·         Bringing up children is difficult and time consuming.

·         Becoming a champion in any aspect of human endeavour, whether in business, sport, social, political or scientific, is both difficult and time consuming.

It is almost for sure that the solutions to your problems will NOT be Quick and easy. If they were, then everyone would have everything they want. Since what you want may well be difficult and time consuming, you need to develop in yourself the quality of persistence.

Persistence is simply, "Total commitment to the goal". 100% commitment. Once you have eliminated any doubt and have fully committed, then persistence becomes easier.

How can you develop persistence?

Persistence is a state of mind; it is based upon a definite belief. People who are persistent all share the same definite belief system. It is that belief system that generates the feeling of persistence. And it is the belief that generates the action.

The root of persistence is a commitment to a certain way of thinking.

Print off the following statement and memorise it. Say it to yourself everyday.....

Persistence formula

"Today, I am committing myself 100% to the achievement of my goal to (FILL IN YOUR GOAL HERE).

I will continue to build practical plans and take continuous action until I achieve my goal.

I fully recognise the fact that I will have to suffer some setbacks, defeats and disappointments.

I fully recognise the fact that my goal will be time consuming and sometimes difficult.

But I accept this, and I will not let anything stop me from returning every morning and working on my plans, until I achieve my ultimate goal."

This is the mind-set of ALL champions; in any field of endeavour.

It is the mind-set that breeds persistence, and persistence is the prerequisite of all successful action.