Management Training Consultants

We believe that our role as corporate trainers is to help you to achieve your goals.

  • We believe we can help you to achieve your goals by doing two things for you:

    By helping you to clarify your thinking in respect to certain issues of work performance, and...

    Wherever necessary, by helping you to improve your technique

We see our role as trainers is to teach you 'a system of good ideas' and to demonstrate to you a set of practical skills that you will be able to put to use the very next day. We strive to make our courses highly practical, relevant and immediately applicable to your work context. We confine ourselves to ideas, methods and techniques that are of practical value.

We believe that there are a definite set of 'Universal Success Principles' that are applicable to everyone and to every industry.

These success principles are universally applicable because, no matter what is your product or service, you have to gain the willing cooperation of other people. In order to succeed, you must succeed with people.

  • Our training is about improving your performance in six areas:

    Goal setting and achievement

    Clear communication

    Proper planning and time management

    Handling conflict situations

    How to inspire yourself with a positive mental attitude

    How to inspire a positive mental attitude in others

Over the years, we have refined our methods of training, to a point of excellence. We believe you will find our courses very interesting, practical and exciting.

Prabhat Srivastava

Prabhat Srivastava, results-driven professional with a 25-year's marketing and sales career reflecting successful business and brand development initiatives in the highly competitive industry, Now a Business coach and Trainer specializing in corporate growth, personal and organizational effectiveness training and human resource Coaching, is the Founder of P S BUSINESS COACHING.

There are many people who are searching for practical advice on how to get the most out of themselves and other people.

Now more than ever, your organisation needs your people to be productive and happy. That means your leadership and management of people cannot be based on guesswork or mood.

Rather, leadership and management should be an organised system of professional skills that embodies named principles.

This is the "core idea" behind our system. Our goal is to help you to define the correct management principles and show how you could make them work in practice.